How the US Education System is Broken


The title of this article is extremely vague. Let’s be honest; there are hundreds of ways you could take this article from that title, because there are so many reasons that our education system is broken. However, this article mainly is going to focus on one huge factor – the fact that we expect all of our students to learn the same material, no matter how little it will affect their future.

Obviously, all of our students need to be educated in math, science, history, and a language on a fairly high level; however, there comes a point where taking advanced math classes just to get a “credit” in a course doesn’t make sense whatsoever. Unfortunately, though, it happens very frequently in the current education system, and it brings up a much larger problem. Eventually, there are going to be some extremely intelligent students who will start to feel “stupid” because they are not retaining the information they are being “taught” in class.

Here’s the bigger problem, though. When these bright-minded students start to feel as if they are not matching the standard that the state feels they should be held to based on averages, they become easily discourage, and other areas of their lives start degrading. Their life passion can take a hit from the extra “studying” they engage in to simply try to retain information to pass a test. At that point in time, if a student has found their life passion, it’s what they should focus on working towards. If the student has yet to find their purpose in life, more of their focus should be going towards finding it, because within a couple of years, they are going to be forced to choose a “career path” in college based around it. I won’t go into an in-depth college rant here, but a lot of these people loose sight of their passion, and they will end up getting a formal education based on another person’s desires. That simply doesn’t make sense.

Believe it or not, students are actual people… They have dreams, goals, passion, strengths, and weaknesses. When we force students to try to retain information that they simply won’t need, we are also forcing them to often try to learn about topics they aren’t passionate about, and it doesn’t work well that way. The best learning experience you have is when you are being taught something that strikes a nerve within you – good or bad. You’re more likely to engage, retain, and be happy. When we are forcing students to learn about topics that do not matter for their future and that they have no passion in, we’re wasting time, energy, and resources. It’s almost as if our current education system was designed years ago when people were meant to work in factories and respond to bells like cattle. Hmm…

Every single one of the students we have in our education system right now is at least a tiny bit different than ay other student in some way or another. Why are we forcing them to all act the same, think the same, and learn the same? We are setting up a society for complete failure at this rate, and a change needs to be made soon. Huge consequences come when we force people to be the same day in and day out. Instead of discouraging students and making them feel as if they can not be educated properly, why don’t we instead encourage them to follow areas they are passionate about. Your education doesn’t stop after high school or college, so why do we act as if you have to have everything figured out at that time? Why do we act as if you have one shot to make the right choice for the rest of your life? You can learn a new skill and follow a new passion at any given time, if you have the true desire to do so.