Top 5 Best Documentaries to Watch in 2016



Recently, thanks to Netflix, I’ve fallen in love with watching documentaries. My favorite thing to do above anything else is to learn new things and share that knowledge with anyone and everyone. With that, I’ve complied a list of the 5 best documentaries to watch in 2016 – all available on Netflix!

1. Cowspiracy

Want some Leonardo Dicaprio to start off your year? Look no further! Leo was an executive producer of this eye-opening documentary about the lack of care we have for our environment.

This will change your views about global warming, health, and the way our society is hidden from the real facts. Even if being vegan isn’t your thing, and even if you don’t believe in global warming, just give this a watch. It may just change your opinion on what’s actually going on right in front of us.

2. Fed Up

With childhood obesity becoming a growing (no pun intended) concern in the United States, Fed Up takes you to a deeper level and uncovers some interesting facts about the way we accept soda as an everyday drink, fatty foods as healthy lunches, and the amazing concept of “skinny-fat” people.

One of the most fascinating facts I picked up in that film is that 80% of schools have exclusive deals with soda companies to sell their products directly to students in some way. With almost 100,000 public schools in the US as of 2009-2010, that would mean almost 80,000 public schools have an exclusive deal with a soda company.

As much as we try to think that we are making lunches healthy for our students, it simply isn’t happening.

3. Soaked in Bleach

Soaked in Bleach (surprisingly) has nothing to do with health or the planet we live on. Instead, this is all about “conspiracy,” specifically about Kurt Cobain’s death. This amazing crime documentary will dive into some alternate and unpopularized opinions about the death of the famous Nirvana lead singer.

As someone who truly had no interest in Nirvana or Kurt Cobain, I found this documentary to be one of the best, as after a few minutes, I was hooked. The writing and directing of this film is amazing, and I highly recommend giving it a view if you’re looking for something to get your mind running wild.

4. Freakonomics

The fourth and fifth movies on this list come in at a tie for me. I absolutely love both, but Freakonomics is all about money. The film focuses on one chapter of the book written by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner.

If you have any interest in how money works, how our society treats money, acts, conforms, and tries to understand cash, watch this. The psychology behind what keeps our economy moving is fascinating, and I promise this film won’t you let you down.

5. The Secret

While The Secret ties with Freakonomics on my list, I think The Secret is just a little bit better. If you want to change any aspect of your life, watch this right now. You need to realize that what is happening in your life is a result of the thoughts you have manifested in your mind. Whatever is going on around you is happening because of your thoughts, fears, ambitions, and dreams.

Use this secret to your advantage, and I promise you will see amazing results to whatever you want within a short period of time. Believe that something can happen, and it surely will happen. Don’t believe your mind can determine your future? Give this a watch. It’ll convince you very quickly! If you want to change your situation, start with changing your mindset!

Have anything to add to this list? Start a discussion below!